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Athletic Development Coaching (ADC) is the result of a collaboration of Mark Leibowitz and Sal Marinello, Sports Performance Coaches with over 50-years combined experience in designing and implementing programs, consulting and working with recreational athletes, active adults, athletes, teams and coaches of all genders, sports and ability levels. We make use of a variety of methods and strategies in order to help our clients improve. We combine state-of-the-art technology with unequaled ‘hands on’ experience to create a high-tech/high-touch program where the needs of athlete are what drive the programming.




Athletic Development Coaching can conduct baseline movement screening using the FMS System and a more in-depth evaluation via the state-of-the-art DorsaVi VPerform System, both of which provide a roadmap for designing programming and protective strategies. ADC is the only athletic development company in the area that uses the DorsaVi System. 


Our methods allow us to efficiently and effectively work with teams and other large groups, providing athletic development training appropriate across the full spectrum of ages and ability levels, for both female and male athletes. Our goal is to enhance movement skills and in-game conditioning while creating a more resilient athlete and mitigate the risk of non-contact injuries. 

Implementation Planning


ADC offers individualized private and small group training for athletes who want/need a greater level of attention and exposure to training that will improve performance. This level of training provides the basis for success in all kinds of training, as well as in competition. 


ADC has unparalleled experience working in all areas of the performance and fitness fields and offers consulting services in a variety of areas including; staff hiring, training, and education; programming design for large groups and individuals; facility design and equipment assessment; macro and micro practice planning and design.


Sal Marinello

For 30 years Sal has been a Fitness and Performance Coach and has worked with people of all ages, ability levels, athletes and non-athletes alike. He opened the first training facility in New Jersey dedicated to private fitness and performance training in 1989, in Millburn, NJ, and since then he has worked at all levels of sports, from youth to high school and from the Division 3 to Division 1 level in college. 


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Mark Leibowitz, CSCS/FMSLII

Mark Leibowitz has been a trainer and performance coach to youth and adult clients since 1999. His diverse background as a college track athlete, a power lifter and coach, combined with his formal training in functional movement strategies and corrective exercise, gives him a unique skill set.


Mark has worked with the New York Football Giants and the Washington Redskins and has a local partnership with New Jersey’s premiere pain management group, New Jersey Sports Medicine. As a Certified Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Specialist Mark has assisted countless clients, both athletes and non-athletes alike, improve their quality of life as well as their performance.


A successful coach Mark has taken special interest in improving the performance of youth athletes, both recreational and those who are more serious, by employing a training system that is designed to create well-balanced and resilient athletes.


“Strength is great but it better come with clean movement otherwise it’s uncaptured and dangerous horsepower."

Athletic Coaching Development

Athletic Coaching Development

Athletic Coaching Development
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Movement Screening Clarity

Movement Screening Clarity

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In-season Team Training featuring Olympic lifts

In-season Team Training featuring Olympic lifts

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Jump Out

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56 E Willow St
Millburn, NJ 07041

908-451-8574 or 908-451-6806

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